Beginning May 10, 2015, the FSA ID will be required. Even if you already have a PIN you will still be required to set up an FSA ID. If you do not have a PIN, after May 10, 2015, you will not need one, but will be required to have an FSA ID to begin the FAFSA application process.

On or after May 10, 2015 you may visit here for more information about the FSA ID.

Most financial aid consideration deadlines are February 1st of each year. You may still apply for financial aid after February 1st, however, there may be limited funding from other aid programs.  Complete the correct Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. Complete and sign your FAFSA with your FSA ID.

Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships and grants are sources of free money and do not need to be repaid. They are an excellent source to help defray the costs of your education. Scholarships and grants can be used to pay the following:

Cashiering account tuition and fee expenses Living expenses while attending school, such as rent, utilities, gasoline, parking pass, books, school supplies, copying or research expenses, and child care costs

If your scholarship or grant is larger than your cashiering account tuition and fee expenses, you will receive a refund check or direct deposit. You may use your financial aid refund check to help pay your school-related expenses for the school year.

Scholarships Scholarships are monies awarded by a college or by private donors based on a variety of criteria established by the scholarship donor and/or the Nevada Board of Regents. Scholarships are disbursed by the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office and recipients are chosen by a variety of methods and on and off campus entities. Scholarship awards may vary year to year, based on available funding. Many scholarship awards are renewable, but some are awarded as a one-time occurrence as specified by the donor.

For most scholarships, you are required to maintain full-time enrollment, which is defined as 12 credits/semester for undergraduate students and 9 credits/semester for graduate students. Many external scholarships require a minimum enrollment. 

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