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Many students and their parents seek college planning advice from an Education Financial Planner. You will get information on how to get into the college or university of your choice along with clear college planning. College planning specialists work one-on-one with you to ensure you know all the steps of the college application process. Good college preparation not only helps students with the admissions process, but also makes the whole process smooth and painless. College Planning services are important for both the student and the admissions counselor. We will explain how to minimize your out of pocket costs and maximize your financial aid for college. We will provide ways to reduce the costs of attending college, a savings of up to $213,000 or more for college.

Leslie Maglinao, University of California - Davis - 3rd Year Student - Total Savings

Heather Dodson, University of California - Davis - 3rd Year Student - Total Savings $138,000

Jonathan Farin, West Coast University - 2nd Year Student - Total Savings

- A financial aid advisor can save you time, hassle and aggravation of researching student loans, free college scholarships and the entire mind bending financial aid process. 

- A financial aid advisor can save you time and money by helping you receive financial aid
- A college financial aid advisor can save you from having to complete the countless financial aid forms, student loan forms and free college scholarship applications.

- A financial aid advisor protects you from missing deadlines and making other costly mistakes.
- A financial aid advisor guides you through the entire financial aid process.
- A college funding counselor may put a plan together for you to possibly reduce your student loans while increasing the amount of college scholarships you may receive.


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